The Importance Of Professional Photos
By : Jarrod Cruze

The Importance Of Professional Photos

They say, “a picture says a thousand words”. As a culture we put so much emphasis on photos, our lives are consumed by capturing the right image- on social media, family and school portraits, major events like weddings and holidays. So, why then do so many people skimp on professional photography when it comes to selling their home?

Your home is one of the largest financial investments in your lifetime, yet when we sit down and talk to new clients they are shocked when we talk about having a professional photographer capture the essence of their home; a service we believe to be not only imperative but fundamental. Call it, sales malpractice for a real estate agent not to hire a professional photographer when preparing a home to be listed.

With most home searches starting online the first chance you get to find a buyer is the photo that potential buyers see online. That first image has so much power. That image is what will entice the buyer to click through the rest of the images. It’s what will make a person start to envision their life within the walls. It’s what prompts that buyer to call a Knoxville real estate agent. A solid group of photos can actually sell your home.

The converse is true too of course, a potential buyer may never get the chance to see your home if what they first see in the listing photos doesn’t appeal to them. Bad photos can kill a deal. Having strong, crisp images of your home will help make it stand out- especially against homes that have poorly done photos.

As an experienced Knoxville realtor, I feel it is crucial to create the best possible opportunity for each client to sell their home. This is why I include professional photography as standard protocol, and feel strongly that no expense should be spared when listing your home.

So what can a professional achieve that you can’t with your DSLR? Everything!

The Right Lens:

First, homes need to be a shot with a wide angle lens. This enables the full room to be shot. Otherwise there is no way to make that potential buyer feel like they are standing in the room. A standard size lens cuts off too much square footage to be able to really garner what the room looks like. An iPhone can not do your home justice. So much of the room is lost, giving a potential buyer a misleading idea of the space.


The space needs to be properly lit in order for the true properties of the rooms to be highlighted. Professional real estate photographers will want to use the best natural light so that the image presented online best represents what the actual space looks like. This way, when a potential buyer sees the image and then actually walks through the home the feeling that was created through the photograph is the same thing the buyer now sees once in the home.

The trained eye! 

Just like any craft you have to have an eye to tell what will look good in photos. This alone will determine where someone stands to physically take the picture. This is the gift that photographers have to make something ordinary look extraordinary. It’s what helps sell your home. A great photographer can bring out the best properties of the

home by shooting each room from the best angle. Shooting each room from the best possible angle helps the home look desirable. A standard MLS allows an agent to show 40 pictures of a property. A trained photographer will be able to select the best images that highlight the strongest features of your home. This again, is what will entice a potential buyer to want to schedule a showing.

Post Production! 

Although you want your online presence to accurately showcase and depict the true features of your home, there are somethings that are better left not shown. For example, a professional photographer will touch up something that may be a turn off to a potential buyer. Or it may be important to enhance the lighting to show the view out of the windows so that a buyer can actually see the view from the picture (often something that is not visible with a standard photo). Also, often times a photographer needs to enhance the color or saturation of the image so that the picture accurately reflects the room, wall colors etc. Another, often overlooked detail, is the removal of personal possessions to help ensure the safety of you and your family. For instance, our photographer will remove the appearance of a child’s name or photograph, a gun safe or valuables. We want to market your home, not jeopardize your well being.

There is a difference between being a professional photographer and being trained to photograph real estate. You want to make sure whoever helps capture the images of your home, they are trained and knowledgable to know what sells a home!

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