Where to Live: Downtown Knoxville
By : Jarrod Cruze

Where to Live: Downtown Knoxville

Whether you have a family, are a student or are a young professional, Downtown Knoxville is the perfect place to live if you’re looking for the city life while keeping that small-town feel. If you are looking to live Downtown Knoxville, the options of where to settle down are endless!


Choosing to live in a loft is ideal if you are looking for a more spacious, open concept. A loft offers a modern and industrial type living space which is a popular trend right now, especially among the younger crowd. The amount of space that lofts have allow for a lot of flexibility and creativity within the space so you can make it your own!

Some Lofts that are located in Downtown Knoxville include the Arnstein Lofts, Cherokee Lofts, Commerce Lofts and Jackson Ave Lofts.


Living in a condo allows you to have that homey type feel with out a lot of hassles that come with owning a home, such as, yard work and major home repairs. Condos are the perfect choice for families who enjoy living in the city, but aren’t ready to invest in a home or townhome. Condos also usually include exceptional amenities like a pool or fitness center which is a great perk.

A list of Condos located in Downtown Knoxville include the 300 Building Condominiums, Burwell Condominiums, Crown Court Condominiums and Southeastern Glass Condominiums.


As we all know, apartments tend to be on the smaller side, especially in downtown areas. Apartments are usually more popular among students and those who are looking to live alone.  Apartments are also another living option that comes with a lot of amenities without the upkeep. The upside to a smaller space like an apartment is the low cost of utilities and less cleaning and upkeep.

Apartments located in Downtown Knoxville include 36 Market Square, the Daylight Building, Downtown 211, and Emporium Apartments.

Living in Downtown Knoxville puts you right in the center of unlimited possibilities. You may choose to live Downtown to live the urban life or avoid the high maintenance requirements of living in a home. But once you experience the Downtown Knoxville life, you will realize that Downtown isn’t just a location, it’s a lifestyle that so many people have fallen in love with! I am sure you will too!

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