Why Knoxville?
By : Jarrod Cruze

Why Knoxville?

As a Knoxville realtor, I am often faced with the question,“Why Knoxville?” Due to my 15 years of experience residing in this community, I can confidently say, “Why not Knoxville?!” From the low housing costs to the diverse housing options available, Knoxville has something for everyone. Knoxville can offer you a quieter, suburban or lively, urban community at a cost lower than the national average. Below I have listed my top five reasons to say, “Why not Knoxville?”


They don’t call it Rocky Top for nothin’… Knoxville is located just along The Great Smoky Mountains, the most visited park in The US. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, Knoxville gives you unlimited access to outdoor activities galore at your fingertips. If you’re in the suburbs, grab a friend and check out The Concord Marina for kayak and paddleboard rentals! If you’re near The University of Tennessee, the Knoxville Riverfront is a must-see.


Knox County School District ranks among the top-performing in the nation in academics, standardized testing, athletic programs, graduation rates, and more. Knoxville is also home to The University of Tennessee, a highly prestigious college. UTK’s fanbase, The Tennessee Volunteers, are passionate about supporting their team, especially for Football Season. You can expect to see lots of orange, and lots of smiling faces around Knoxville each fall.


Knoxville’s property tax, sales tax, and cost of living were all lower than the national average. Their home value, on the other hand, was higher than the national average. This makes it the perfect time to buy and sell in Knoxville.


There are many opportunities to get involved in an active city like Knoxville. There are a wide variety of Facebook groups for the Knoxville area, allowing you to meet like minded people and those with similar interests or hobbies. Visiting Market Square and Old CIty are great ways to socialize and meet new people, as well. The areas have been renovated, and are often a great place to enjoy live music, food, entertainment, and nightlife.
If you or someone you know are interested in buying or selling in the Knoxville area, now is the time to act. Give me a call at (865) 771-2652 to discuss your options!