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    Selling real estate doesn’t have to be stressful and complicated. Just choose the right REALTOR©. Our proprietary real estate marketing strategy sells homes faster and for more money every time.

    We leverage the latest digital technology not only in the media we use to showcase real estate but also which social and syndication platforms we market your property on to increase demand and drive returns. Our approach is more than simply a few photos and post it to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It’s tailored specifically to your property’s needs. We simply market and close real estate better. Let us explain how free of charge and no strings attached.

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    Looking to buy your first, next, or forever home? Is it stressing you out? Worried you might overpay, not close on time, buy a money pit, etc.? Stay calm…our buying process takes the stress out of a real estate purchase.

    We take care of everything and before you know it you’ll be in your dream home without breaking a sweat. From the start and for free, we equip you with the knowledge you need to successfully navigate a real estate purchase. During our initial consultation, we give you access to our exclusive Knoxville realty listings and teach you how to use our website to search, save, and schedule showings on all Knoxville real estate listings. We are different and we want to prove it. Let’s talk today!

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  • Property Media Technology

    Property Media Technology

    What sets us apart? Simply, we do what others don’t. Foundationally, we shoot professional media on every one of our listings. No images shot with a phone and stitched together in a cheap slideshow put to music. Surprisingly, some agents call this a virtual tour.

    Professionally shot and edited 3D Virtual Tours, High Definition Videos, High Dynamic Photography, Aerial Video and Photography, and 2D Floor Plans. The media captured sets your property apart in a competitive marketplace, increases buyer traffic, and sells properties faster and for money, guaranteed.

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  • Property Marketing

    Property Marketing

    Every agent will tell you they’ve mastered real estate marketing, but few can give you tangible examples of how. We do.

    Our marketing strategy utilizes the latest digital marketing strategies across all social and real estate syndication platforms potential buyers access every day. Each property we market gets its own website. It’s used to generate, capture, and nurture potential buyers that are interested in properties exactly like yours. How do we know? We track them.

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