Where to Live: West Knoxville
By : Jarrod Cruze

Where to Live: West Knoxville

New buyers who look for a house in Knoxville will find the city has tons to offer. They will take a look at the city and think, “Why not Knoxville!” From all four corners, each has its own flavor and vibe that draw people in.

My job for those buying a Knoxville home is to simply the process, which is more than just helping you find the right property. I want you to locate the part of town you jive with the most, the one that speaks to you and your family.

There’s a reason why West Knoxville is populated more than any other part of the city. From modern suburban living to loads of hip shopping and fine dining options, West Knoxville has a lot to offer for new residents looking to explore its borders!

1). Suburban Living

For the family looking to settle in a suburban setting, West Knoxville has plenty of market options to choose from. Several neighborhoods stand near Rocky Hill, providing the normal suburban experience with tons of modern homes. There is plenty of space for kids to ride their bikes and play while parents enjoy walks together down the street.

The Sequoyah Hills neighborhood is perfect for professionals needing to escape the busyness of the city. It gives off major suburban vibes and has amazing outdoor scenery. You drive under a tunnel of trees in your car and see flowers everywhere from neighbors that love the fresh air. It provides outdoor enjoyment in West Knoxville without having to drive to the Smoky Mountains.

2). Shopping

Anyone who calls shopping their hobby will be at home in The West Town Mall, a modern hub for clothes, jewelry and other trendy goods! Featuring over 140 different stores, Knoxville buyers will recognize popular brands such as Apple, JC Penney and Sephora that have all the hottest items. H&M just opened in the mall last November and is the ideal location in West Knoxville to win with your fashion and outfits.

Turkey Creek on Parkside Drive is lined with a lot of local and national names. Knoxvillians can find places like Ulta Beauty and Men’s Warehouse, but, personally, I like to be in the know about awesome spots you can only see in West Knoxville like Altar’d State and Smoky Mountain Vintage Lumber. You heard it here first!

3). Fine Dining

For someone who is knowledgable about West Knoxville, let me tell you that it carries the reputation for some amazing upscale restaurants. Brazeiros off Papermill offers an experience in a modern setting with a mood that cannot be beat. They feature a table service buffet of more than twelve meats with a card you flip over to green for more.

Turkey Creek’s Seasons is another fantastic option for fine dining in West Knoxville. Just like the name, their menu changes with the seasons, so there is always something new to try. Bougee dishes can be found on the “chef’s signature culinary offerings” that features Smokseasonal Muscovy Duck right now on the Spring menu.

Buying a house in Knoxville is more than just buying a property: it is finding the right vibe for you. My job is to find the place that speaks to buyers and makes them feel welcome wherever they choose to stay. With West Knoxville’s modern suburban living to its loads of hip shopping and fine dining options, you are sure to feel homey in this awesome part of Knoxville.

If West Knoxville does not fit your culture and persona, let me recommend checking out the lofts and apartments in Downtown Knoxville.

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